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1. GLOBAL SMART GROUP are committed to TRANSFORMATION in Africa.

2. GLOBAL SMART GROUP is a multi-disciplinary group of companies that are designed to develop and manage projects with humanitarian

    and upliftment principals as the foundation of our vision.

3. GLOBAL SMART GROUP will put structures in place to assist to create a sound working environment for all its employees and associated     participants.

4. GLOBAL SMART GROUP are accountable for the co-ordination of TRANSFORMATION activities and spearheading the execution of the     transformation process.

5. GLOBAL SMART GROUP is the process owners of all related information, and thus drive all GLOBAL SMART GROUP    TRANSFORMATION initiatives, namely:


exporting energy to neighbours or the global market while others lack even basic infrastructures, or systems to acquire development or

energy by.


We want to provide a future for our fragile earth.



capable and efficient managers.



          controlled within the guidelines specified.



GLOBAL SMART GROUP, customer and community service is a pro-active partnership, a relationship that ensures a professional, efficiently run, safe workplace. The company's service philosophy starts at the top, is ingrained into the fabric of the company, and is closely aligned to GLOBAL SMART GROUP goal of contributing to its' customers critical success factors.

Customer and community service can be divided into two interrelated areas: equipment and people. On the job site, with the help of a newly integrated technology system and a well-trained staff, GLOBAL SMART GROUP will be able to maintain excellent control over such key areas as inventory, shipments/deliveries, damage loss, invoicing and management procedures processes, troubleshooting, which customer service representatives often do right on the job site, will be handled quickly and efficiently.

On the people side, we employ top of the range and very user friendly communication, reporting, auditing, management and systems to apply strict control, checks and balances. In the initial stage of our due diligence procedures with all development projects we engage with the particular community and identify their participation disciplines as proactive stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Thus the community are involved throughout the feasibility, planning, development and finalization of our projects and take on the responsibility as a partner and also to ensure the upkeep, maintenance and efficient management of the project once completed.

We have a dedicated team of liaison people that engage and communicate with the community leadership and their representation.

GLOBAL SMART GROUP will provide a highly qualified and well-prepared labor force, ensuring that schedules and deadlines are met and worker safety remains a top consideration.


GLOBAL SMART GROUP will be committed to conducting business in a manner that protects the health and safety of all employees, customers, and persons living in the community where it operates.

To accomplish this, GLOBAL SMART GROUP will ensure that it complies with current Health Administration and Occupational Health and Safety laws and will maintain its operations, procedures, technologies, and policies accordingly.

Each employee will have the responsibility to fully comply with established safety rules and to perform work in such a manner to prevent injuries to themselves and others.


GLOBAL SMART GROUP will use its competitive edge of economic justification to turn potential customers and communities into satisfied qualified sales customers.  

While some of the other similar companies often highlight the positive environmental impact that their designs offer, GLOBAL SMART GROUP will also offer economic justifications for their design and actions.

This is an important competitive edge as it provides evidence that the customer can save money in the long term and make a positive impact on the environment. Providing a cost benefit analysis for the green design is important because it makes the potential market larger, moving from people that want to do good for the environment to people that also want to save money.

By offering an environmental solution that saves the person or business money creates a compelling reason to adopt the suggestions.

There are too few people that will act only for environmental reasons, but when you save people money, there are far more people interested.


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